Our general approach to developing design concepts, urban strategies, competition schemes or bigger scale projects has ranged in the past from reading philosophy, to demographicresearch, to investigating and mapping all context constraints, to modell-making, to name only a few and we would love to do some more conceptual big scale thinking again at some point.


First of all we listen to the client and we help to establish a brief as loose or as fixed as appropriate for the property, the scale of intervention, the budget and the time frame. The more abstract the ideas the more room there is for design development.

We are trained to translate your wishes into the most desirable spatial solution considering all technical possibilities and negotiating planning, budget and context constraints and potentials.

We can develop very special and playful design ideas or advise on the most cost effective and straight forward options of refurbishing and extending your house.

This is based on our experience dealing with local authorities throughout London and the South East, our knowledge of Building Regulation Standards and typical and more experimental construction methods and materials. Over the years we have developed good working relationships with structural engineers, building control inspectors, builders and contractors.

There may only be a limited number of house typologies in central London and, although many of the technical problems are repetitive, the actual design outcome on every project is so different. For us it is the context, the light, the views, the surroundings and the individuality of the people using the space in their own way, which makes them all unique and the design process exciting.